Pekka Rantanen #486

I’m Pekka Rantanen, (Doctor of Medicine, physiatrist, Executive MBA, docent) a spouse, and a father of four and a grandfather of six children. I am a parliamentary candidate for Liike Nyt in the electoral district Uusimaa. I base my decisions on research knowledge, justice, and respect for nature and the environment.

Here are some of my thoughts in brief:

Health and social services close to people

We must ensure a future for scientific research.

Towards active and healthy senior years

Finland needs immigration.

Quality education is the foundation of learning.

There is no room for inequality in a welfare society.

Climate change is an undeniable fact.

We take care of all who are in need.


Facebook: Pekka Rantanen – Liike Nyt

Instagram: @rantasenpekka